Ways to SNEAK into an ABANDONED MOVIE THEATER for 24 HOURS of Funny Situations with Spy NInjas 

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Funny Ways to Sneak into the Movies
After Chad Wild Clay made "WHO IS THE UGLIEST SPY NINJA?", Vy Qwaint created "WEIRD CREATURE DELIVERING PACKAGES at 3AM CAUGHT ON CAMERA! UNBELIEVABLE!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME HIDE and SEEK at 3AM - I Challenged SPY NINJAS to the Ultimate Game", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "MY FIRST GAMING VIDEO! Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator But Loser Must Dance Like a Bee with Honey Shoes", We sneak into a movie theater for 24 hours to follow the tracker we left in the toy on Daniel Gizmo's channel! We are getting closer to finding out who the stalker is so we must sneak into the movie theater to find out. Is it a hacker? Is it someone we know? We will have to do a series of challenges to get closer to finding out who this person is while also avoiding security so we don't get kicked out! We get into a crazy nerf war. We also have to make our own shows using shadow puppets! Then we have to work together to play volleyball and not let it hit the ground. After that, we will finally get to see what this stalker looks like! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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Jan 30, 2021




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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 2 months ago
What is up Spy NInjas! We are sneaking into this movie theater because the dog is in here!
Daphne Pang
Daphne Pang Month ago
COOL GAMER Month ago
I'm your biggest fan I am Santa I I have the march too but I don't think that was
Yvonne Moreira
Yvonne Moreira Month ago
Chad I am on Project circles cuz I am literally on Project zorgo singing
Korlada Jones
Korlada Jones Month ago
Chad Wild Clay make funny videos
Evie plays Roblox
Evie plays Roblox 2 months ago
@faze destroyer stop this is just getting u subs
It’s who is riders are you dumb
cameron Wright
cameron Wright 2 hours ago
Alyina Rudsell
Alyina Rudsell 4 hours ago
he is a bad guy because if you did not see there was a starker face and it is the soll face
Fòx Płąýəř Ñìčə ťø məəț ýâ
Ýøū śțūpit śťăĺķəř ùğh
Zein Hamdan
Zein Hamdan 10 hours ago
Kristoffer Kean Castro
Regina is like Naruto
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 21 hour ago
I love you so much guys love you spy ninjas and I love this video
lil pad sup
lil pad sup Day ago
Get Daniel back Allie is lying she is actually dating the leak and she is still a part of the team and she still is a project project zorgo member get Daniel back the project zorgo leader still alive you guys have to beat him and you need Daniel to do that don't trust any of the other tryout members because they are actually a part of project zorgo to so you guys shouldn't trust anybody except Daniel right now and the spine the rest of the spy ninjas you as have to trust me
Alexander and Lukas Pallanan
The puppet show was just 👌🤩
Salah Hussein
Salah cwc vy yuo
Amelia Castro
Melvin I know how you feel I have a sister that doesn't 👍 what life web.
Derreon Cook
Derreon Cook Day ago
Constance Hall
Constance Hall 2 days ago
I love you I love you so much more soon
Carole McPartland
Kelly Rushton
Kelly Rushton 2 days ago
Why did when the picture of the dog with the teddy aka came away did it look fat 😳
Noel Will
Noel Will 2 days ago
the proposal video reminsded me of a part in it pennywise
ninja kid360
ninja kid360 2 days ago
Im your best fan because I always watch your vids you are my favorite you tuber
Amanda Kunkle
Amanda Kunkle 3 days ago
I have that blue and orange Nerf blaster
Ilenia Di Manno
Ilenia Di Manno 3 days ago
I nkow who is the starker her name is alie
Eddy 3 days ago
Wow it’s so cool did you guys broke into our cinema
Kailey Appleby
Kailey Appleby 3 days ago
L miss you
LORD OF ANIMES 4 days ago
The guard sounds like the Doppelgänger
Emrah Mujkanovic
Emrah Mujkanovic 4 days ago
Marsha Findlay McDonald
Is this real???
Mohammed H. Yacout
I love the part when melvin talked about alin
catify 2.0
catify 2.0 4 days ago
I can relate to Regina because I also never seen Charlotte’s web I’m not kidding.
catify 2.0
catify 2.0 4 days ago
Mike Kawowski: just kicked myself in the *Funkin’* donuts get it cause Friday night Funkin is blowing up? HAHAHAHAHHA nobody laughed ;(
Lisa Cook
Lisa Cook 5 days ago
If I was a security guard at that movie theater I will check everywhere for you guys you guys should not be in there
Henry Bob
Henry Bob 6 days ago
Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes 7 days ago
Laser tag
Ndey Saidy
Ndey Saidy 7 days ago
Maybe you had to look so please ok don't like me darken light beam Queen charge Daniel Malvern dark across your face creat barkers crazy🐞
Guys someone or maybe the stalker was in the movie with you
Dean Beattie
Dean Beattie 7 days ago
Keith Hershey Lopez
Keith Hershey Lopez
Because is a polio
fox Uzumaki
fox Uzumaki 8 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Prank yep and I'm sure you will be there at the kids and they have and tenjiro the inkling and then I'll be home 🏠 the day weather forecast is the halo master chief is your dad going to you okay 🤨⁉️ the day.
fox Uzumaki
fox Uzumaki 8 days ago
Hey dog aphmau !!!
atheer altameemi
atheer altameemi 8 days ago
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 9 days ago
The gards goose was likeThe Leaks
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
Why does Melvin talk about aliens it’s so funny when the music plays it’s so funny
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
I subscribed
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
Why won’t the Pz elder reveal his face
Estera Bizon
Estera Bizon 9 days ago
He is a fan
stacci coakley
stacci coakley 10 days ago
Junior Grantham
Junior Grantham 10 days ago
that looked like micheal that tried out to replace when he left the spy ninjas
Omar abodalo
Omar abodalo 10 days ago
Hannah Nunez
Hannah Nunez 11 days ago
Chris Sasuke
Chris Sasuke 11 days ago
Chad vy Daniel Regina Melvin and Ally
Camy Lopez
Camy Lopez 11 days ago
Justina Stella Nyamedi
the leike
may thu
may thu 11 days ago
Tony Sands
Tony Sands 11 days ago
Hi buddy hope you’re all
GB Decorators Renovation and Painting experts
Ali is the stalker
ultra insicts zeno
ultra insicts zeno 11 days ago
I think everyone already know
Isaac Ascencio
Isaac Ascencio 11 days ago
here if you need me
The Brandon
The Brandon 11 days ago
Espada Squad
Espada Squad 12 days ago
Lol Regina was like sonic when they was going into the room #10
hd he ysv
hd he ysv 12 days ago
Ali is the stalker
Gabija Dobro
Gabija Dobro 12 days ago
4:30 was the time on chad phone
Angelica Tierro
Angelica Tierro 12 days ago
Angelica Tierro
Angelica Tierro 12 days ago
Xander Her
Xander Her 12 days ago
Every time when you play the Joker face you scared me
Xander Her
Xander Her 12 days ago
Why do you guys put that scary joker face
Zoyah Ibrahim
Zoyah Ibrahim 12 days ago
I. Don’t. Like. Daniel Gizmo
iihaven Plays
iihaven Plays 12 days ago
Why does Melvin keep on thinking about ALIENS?🤔🧐
Suzanna Wood
Suzanna Wood 12 days ago
The sugurd sounds like agent 4
Nicole Bartlett
Nicole Bartlett 12 days ago
he is a bad guy
Susan Ahlmeyer
Susan Ahlmeyer 12 days ago
Go past the passing guard and stick a nice neck
Jael Mendoza
Jael Mendoza 13 days ago
Is me mr e
Julius Zandovas
Julius Zandovas 13 days ago
Į havę a shoke wawe nerf
Jolanta Vrenozi
Jolanta Vrenozi 13 days ago
ye how Melvin said aliens ship.........
سكند 13 days ago
I laughed so hard when the sad song comes on when it says ask u how ur fine bec melvin was making the funniest face ever
Jessica Mozingo
Jessica Mozingo 13 days ago
Melvin with the aliens it’s funny
fun time with daniel and Emily
The stalker definitely hates vy
Lucaspaolo Fortuna
Lucaspaolo Fortuna 13 days ago
I love when chad and daniel making shadow puppets I was so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😃🙂😐😑
Upload Spot
Upload Spot 13 days ago
I love charlottes web!
Deanna Lakalaka
Deanna Lakalaka 13 days ago
When Ellie said are you ready I thought Daniel was gonna go back to the spy ninjas
anonymous.c2 13 days ago
Last memories of Danny boy with the spy ninjas
Amy Gilleece
Amy Gilleece 13 days ago
She stocker
Dewayne Griffin
Dewayne Griffin 13 days ago
willie mctavish
willie mctavish 13 days ago
Common at the bottom of mine I agree with her
Paul Choi
Paul Choi 13 days ago
Kenneth Seeley
Kenneth Seeley 13 days ago
There is something on the TV
Nezuko- Chan
Nezuko- Chan 14 days ago
Rubel Miah
Rubel Miah 14 days ago
Ibrahim Jutt
Ibrahim Jutt 14 days ago
Ibrahim Jutt
Ibrahim Jutt 14 days ago
Paul Sylvestre
Paul Sylvestre 14 days ago
Come too my house okay guys
Terry Denvir
Terry Denvir 14 days ago
Hey Chad.
Terry Denvir
Terry Denvir 14 days ago
It alle
Farrel Rahman
Farrel Rahman 14 days ago
Bro Melvin you like Alief he is my brother
Lin Sok
Lin Sok 14 days ago
why do melvin keep saying alien thing like in every video he always talk about alien XD
Yolanda Benitez
Yolanda Benitez 14 days ago
Chad nad vy
Super Bro 2.o
Super Bro 2.o 14 days ago
I watch you ever day
Sillyb 15 days ago
Vasile Popa
Vasile Popa 15 days ago
Pz9 and pz4 game
Vasile Popa
Vasile Popa 15 days ago
Popa Daria Gabriel
Akur Thapa
Akur Thapa 15 days ago
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