SURVIVING PRANKS for 24 HOURS - Funny April Fools Day Challenge 

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After Chad Wild Clay made "THE STALKER WANTS to END My Best Friend Daniel", Vy Qwaint created "SCARY BOX GAME - Trapped by Stalker's Friends", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE STALKER", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "BEST FRIEND BETRAYED ME IN FORTNITE", The mysterious evil stalker group decides to take advantage of the special occasion, April Fools, to try and prove to the Spy Ninjas that they are the better US-firstrs. For the whole 24 hours, they will set up crazy insane pranks to challenge the Spy Ninja team and test their nerves. With Daniel and Alie wavering with their friendship towards either team, who knows what kind of crazy pranks will unfold. Will the Spy Ninjas be able to counter-prank the guys? How will they get out of all the pranks today? Are the stalker goons really trying to be the better US-firstrs? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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▶ Regina - us-first.info/more/iNJel5I2JYglFEn0TOXh_Q
▶ Melvin PZ9 - us-first.info/more/6Ewbj-MFWA7dXgQA9y5EEw
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 20 days ago
Happy April Fools! What was your most funny prank ever?
Yew Irene
Yew Irene 8 days ago
Learn with Mui mui
Learn with Mui mui 14 days ago
Can you call me chad my name is khylin
• l e x i r b l x •
wat- its april fools???💀 i didnt knowwwww
James Rudd
James Rudd 20 days ago
Carine Ng
Carine Ng 20 days ago
Why not call agent ford
Jorgi Mill
Jorgi Mill 4 hours ago
I kind of feel bad
etelvina cossa
etelvina cossa 6 hours ago
i think Daniel should brake up with alie so he can date regna and for being on the bad side
etelvina cossa
etelvina cossa 7 hours ago
none of um
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
I so angry with ally.😧😧
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
I don't like ally the prancing all day long.😥😥
Aliesha Gettens
Aliesha Gettens 14 hours ago
Liu if gyghhlujo
Arum Aisha Bramantoro
ngur puii
ngur puii 15 hours ago
tenleigh newhouse
tenleigh newhouse 21 hour ago
my fear is mayo im gonna puke
alexis vialpando
alexis vialpando 22 hours ago
Bethany Mcginty
I love the spy ninjas
M7md Vlogs
M7md Vlogs Day ago
It’s not just because when you choose Ali it’s not because you want it you can go to the spine Inges and you can contact with Ali
freny Ghandhi
I hat you alee
Kim Stoker
Kim Stoker Day ago
Alie is so sus I think Daniel should break up with alie
Queen Norwood
👸🏽 you too
Wilson’s Wilson
Happy April Fools
Julie Turner
Julie Turner Day ago
I. Think they. Whole Do. A. Challenge. To. Also I. Wish. Daniel. Would. Break up. With. Alien. And. You. Should move. . away alive. And. The. Goons. I. Wish. Alien. Would. Move to. Alabama but. I'm. Only. 8. Years. Old. Chad. You. Are. Nice. Vy. You are. The. Best. And. Alien. Mean. Sometimes Regeneration. A. Like. You're. Blue. Hair. And. Daniel. You. Are. Ok and. Daniel .you. Need. To. Find. You're. Dog. Still! In. The. Next. Video. Find. You're. Dog. Please 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Julie Turner
Julie Turner 2 days ago
Daniel. Left. The. Spy. Ninjas. Now. Come. Back. Daniel😥
Julie Turner
Julie Turner 2 days ago
I'm. A. Big fan. I. Have. Ben. Watching. You. Spy. Ninjas for six. Years
yuping jiang
yuping jiang 2 days ago
I can relate to Regina
Samantha Riordan
Samantha Riordan 2 days ago
And why is Daniel in the safe house he loves the stalker
Chloekitty1285 Philpott
It’s so when Regina says” kiz me kiz me” to Daniel and he smiles ☺️🥰😍
S S 2 days ago
Paulina Morawska
Paulina Morawska 2 days ago
Bad alia
Juan Alfonso Bagay
i wonder why regina has a mayo phobia
Lotti Smith
Lotti Smith 2 days ago
Oreo mayo
Chef Cretonne and I are the best bro’s in the stalker gang
Ginera liars are mayo haters 😂
3:43 😂😂😂😂
Hehe 🤣🤣🤣
I missed this day and this is the best April fools ever 😈😈🤣🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
S S 2 days ago
Hey Chad 😈🤡👹
Ronna Kramer
Ronna Kramer 2 days ago
Saniyah vanlue
Saniyah vanlue 2 days ago
Can you
Kayi Kabuya
Kayi Kabuya 3 days ago
Kayi Kabuya
Kayi Kabuya 3 days ago
Outo correc
Kayi Kabuya
Kayi Kabuya 3 days ago
I don't like mayo
Bahaa Bdeir
Bahaa Bdeir 3 days ago
Chico Outdo
Chico Outdo 3 days ago
Itz Dextie
Itz Dextie 3 days ago
The chef looks down and steps on it
Sabrina Zaman
Sabrina Zaman 3 days ago
Fav ytuber alert
Ella Harris
Ella Harris 3 days ago
Regina was mad from mayow😠😡😰😰
Juwita Hartanto
Juwita Hartanto 3 days ago
I love mayo
Elvana Ahmed
Elvana Ahmed 3 days ago
I loved it when Regina copyed daniel and Daniel smiled at regina but not alie
Chrixxa Nepunan
Chrixxa Nepunan 3 days ago
guys can you pull alie hair? pls pls pls big fan like if you agree
alexi dedicatoria
Can you get a spider and Ally are you wreck up :-) just the alley it’s a window prankster you just need to be friendship and be friends so like
Nathan Hadisoemarto
Spy ninjas so funny 😂 haha 🤣 🤣 😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so funny 😂 hahaha
sarahii medrano
sarahii medrano 3 days ago
Regina and the doppelgänger should be together he hates mayor he hates mail and we saw his mouth with a disgusting
Dark_ d1n0
Dark_ d1n0 3 days ago
Alvin is daddy 2021
Liliana Black
Liliana Black 3 days ago
i love it!
Linux Khan
Linux Khan 3 days ago
Add 🍹🧉🥡
Khloe 4 days ago
these pranks are mean and funny
Katja Katja
Katja Katja 4 days ago
Di jou no vy nou dad se pregnet
Pastel Porsche
Pastel Porsche 4 days ago
Skyla Turner
Skyla Turner 4 days ago
Chad regina is different she is wearing jumpers and wearing a bigger size
Suganthi Jambu
Suganthi Jambu 4 days ago
I thought up three times because of the Mayo
Brothers Learning about Allah Fun African World
Great song for you hi Chad what are you doing and you are spying ninja oh so cool air baby yeah boy
IcySpikes Gaming
IcySpikes Gaming 4 days ago
Don't u just wanna 🤜👧
Applo Entertainment 1
no you no,t
Applo Entertainment 1
Pearl Leanord
Pearl Leanord 4 days ago
Larisa Budzinsky
Larisa Budzinsky 5 days ago
I put toilet paper in my cousin's shoes
ty teddys rock
ty teddys rock 5 days ago
Daniel needs brack up
PrincessParty Adventures
The spy ninjas are the best US-firstrs
PrincessParty Adventures
Chad one time I did a prank on my mom it was where I put toothpaste in a Oreo
Albertico Diaz
Albertico Diaz 5 days ago
Maybe dobble gamer is Regina's bf?
Kelly Curtis
Kelly Curtis 5 days ago
The woo
sana Mohseni
sana Mohseni 5 days ago
Heiligtum Altmaier
Omar Khalil
Omar Khalil 5 days ago
I don’t want Ali to be a spy ninja
Cherryl Pantoja
Cherryl Pantoja 5 days ago
Hahahhsshhshshshajahaajajjaajhahhahahahahahahajajah i cant stop laughing on the mayo and mayo soap part
Ritu Khanna
Ritu Khanna 5 days ago
It's just chocolate
PlatinumRealm 5 days ago
I gureentee Alie won’t be a Spy Ninja, Forever.
Kitai Waters
Kitai Waters 5 days ago
April fools day
Gloria Dunkley
Gloria Dunkley 5 days ago
Are you the famous Chad wild clay
By is cute no I love you. Giuseppe I’m your biggest fan thin k. That Nicole should be spy Nina
komila homidova
komila homidova 5 days ago
Hey Chad what is a best way for a prank
Larry Toys Review
When you try to defeat the leader of the hackers that was awesom
gabriella tshibombi
f* aile she could been i go gf but not
Temo Sadegi
Temo Sadegi 6 days ago
Like who did the doppelganger
Temo Sadegi
Temo Sadegi 6 days ago
When Daniel is clueless he does talk right in front of the camera his face is like touching the camera
Maryska Magdalena
Stake prank 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tala Bahlawan
Tala Bahlawan 6 days ago
Sandy Nassar
Sandy Nassar 6 days ago
This girlfriend is the worst
Mohammed Ikhlaq
Mohammed Ikhlaq 7 days ago
Robin R Runner
Robin R Runner 7 days ago
I am surprised Chad did not smell that the cupcake
رقيه عبده
‏وياك محمد شهاب
Alexandra Barneva
How can daniel forgive allie and still like her or whoever she is
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 7 days ago
I love the spy ninjas not my favorite I watch you guys all day I’ll absolutely love the spy ninjas
Yahya Mahmood
Yahya Mahmood 7 days ago
Javid Miah
Javid Miah 7 days ago
Javid Miah
Javid Miah 7 days ago
Kream 246
Kream 246 7 days ago
At 11:50 when the chef cry’s he sound like JB like if you agree
Lorie Visitacion
Lorie Visitacion 7 days ago
Chad pls tell this to daniel that break up with alie and regina is her girlfriend they match together pls.Daniel ❤ Regina.they actually match together.
red vx
red vx 7 days ago
Andy The great
Andy The great 7 days ago
That’s why they have 12M subscribers
The Brother Bros
The Brother Bros 7 days ago
Spe said BMX you should be doing BMX trick Challenge