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After Chad Wild Clay made "WHO IS FOLLOWING ME? A Mysterious Stalker in a Tesla Spent the last 24 hours Spying on Spy Ninjas!", Vy Qwaint created "GOING ANYWHERE DOG WALKS ME for 24 Hours to Help Find Missing Owner", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "McDONALDS vs MRBEAST BURGER Food War! Taste Test Eating Challenge for 24 Hours by Spy Ninjas", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "You LOSE = You SHAVE | FORTNITE Battle Royale Chad Wild Clay vs Melvin vs PZ9 Friends" the Spy Ninjas did the MrBeast Burger vs McDonald's challenge! They were then told by their stalker to meet up with some random people to get their stuff back. These people say they're in a fight club! What is going on? Chad and Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter go head to head against these sus people in arm wrestling, board breaking, ultimate kick challenge, and soda can crushing challenge! During the challenges, Chad and Melvin discover these people are also being used by this stalker. Are these Fight Club people good or bad? Who is the stalker and how is he doing all of this? Will the Spy Ninjas get their stolen stuff back and find the identity of this stalker? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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Feb 6, 2021




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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 2 months ago
What is up Spy Ninjas! Are these Fight Club people working with the stalker or is he tricking them too?
Melvin Abiskhiroon
@Hamster XD
Quiantez Fair
Quiantez Fair Month ago
Hi my sister love your girlfriend
Hunter Sands
Hunter Sands Month ago
Emily Wiffen
Emily Wiffen 2 months ago
savo aram
savo aram 4 hours ago
The girl is alie
Camden’s Adventure
Doesn’t that leader sound like Alie aka Daniel’s girlfriend
Virgilio Lacuata
Virgilio Lacuata 21 hour ago
16:38 he dont know how to fight the mickey mouse😂😂
Ganga Dangal
Ganga Dangal Day ago
Haha I was laughing because melvin was in love
Javier Murillo
Chad chad chad chad chad chad chad
Javier Murillo
Chad chad chad chad chad
Javier Murillo
Melvin melvin melvin melvin
Thomas F
Thomas F Day ago
I know the starter is it’s Alley if you even know who she is and Melvins brother the leak and some one and I don’t know and Peezy 11 I think and chef crouton
Poppy Clark
Poppy Clark 2 days ago
Chad you are going to win
Margarito Aguilar
Mickey mouse is he pz RIGHT ARM
Aldin Drustinac
Aldin Drustinac 2 days ago
Fu,cu.ctuf.tudt. yy8 8 yyg ugoouuggvuivuguh 8 guhuh i gpu goug o h nn mm
Rileyomg Phelan
Rileyomg Phelan 2 days ago
the girl is allie
Adil Shehab
Adil Shehab 3 days ago
Spy ninjas 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 fight clap 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿
Phul Tamang
Phul Tamang 3 days ago
MICKEY MOUSE I am your biggest fan
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown 3 days ago
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown 3 days ago
John Jackson jr
John Jackson jr 3 days ago
Orange is the leak
Ellyn Kerr
Ellyn Kerr 3 days ago
I laughed so hard when the dog came
Gamer Ishak
Gamer Ishak 3 days ago
gg ilumba
gg ilumba 4 days ago
Zubair Babu
Zubair Babu 4 days ago
3:38 *is chad okay??*
Zubair Babu
Zubair Babu 4 days ago
8:06 *and here’s the ultimate kick bump here to!*
Dishon Gopaul
Dishon Gopaul 4 days ago
Who knew that the fight club leader is alie or a lie .
Susan Gaston
Susan Gaston 5 days ago
The girl that arm wrestled Melvin was alie
Elisa Garcia
Elisa Garcia 5 days ago
Claymore 5 days ago
No I do
Danish Zaheer
Danish Zaheer 6 days ago
Hi chadAndmelvin
Jad BOUHI 6 days ago
Rrrrrrrrrra aaaaa i haut teh 💩🥷
Phia Quijada
Phia Quijada 6 days ago
I love you💖 so much like you love you💖
SANS kills
SANS kills 6 days ago
1:54 PM
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen 6 days ago
That girl looks like alie
Isaiah Stjacques
Isaiah Stjacques 6 days ago
I think Alie was the fight club leader because it kinda sounds like her
Josiah Aguirre
Josiah Aguirre 7 days ago
I’m eleeady subscribed
silent master playz
Is that theleak
Ief Selis
Ief Selis 7 days ago
Yousef Waleed Mohammed Mohammed Doma
guys the girl is alie
Crain panda
Crain panda 7 days ago
the little girl is Nicole
Crain panda
Crain panda 7 days ago
from tryouts
Nilesen Munusami
Nilesen Munusami 7 days ago
That's daniel 's girlfriend
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo 8 days ago
The girl sounds like ally
El Roy
El Roy 8 days ago
Stalyn NunezII
Stalyn NunezII 8 days ago
da girl is alie da guy in orange is the leak and the others are the dophil ganger and the other one
black Goku
black Goku 8 days ago
black Goku
black Goku 8 days ago
black Goku
black Goku 8 days ago
adam gonzalez
adam gonzalez 8 days ago
Eleanor Thompson
Eleanor Thompson 8 days ago
The girl sounded like Alie
Kole Murray
Kole Murray 8 days ago
nash griffin nadal
Marvel Gamer
Marvel Gamer 8 days ago
kerry barnes
kerry barnes 9 days ago
I am a fan
Kyle Wiederecht
Kyle Wiederecht 9 days ago
There was a gone that was proble the stockr
Habeel Em
Habeel Em 9 days ago
C w C
Andrew and Nate Outdoors
The guy who was Mickey Mouse voice is pz right arm
Tazeem Hussain
Tazeem Hussain 9 days ago
The girl sounded like alie
Rochiel Lavina Jr.
James Jackson is the symbol in 11:04
Na'asia Clark-Dumas
Zahraa Kareem
Zahraa Kareem 9 days ago
Isn’t that alie
Sky_gamer_2OOO 9 days ago
U can do did
phanny rang
phanny rang 9 days ago
That is ally
Thanh Ho
Thanh Ho 9 days ago
the girlwith chads jean jacket she sounded like alie and i think it is alie
khalid jalil
khalid jalil 8 days ago
، غشس
Aina Hosono
Aina Hosono 9 days ago
The orange guy looks like the leak
Muhammad ayyan
Muhammad ayyan 9 days ago
The girl sounds like alie like if you agree
Sandra sandoval
Sandra sandoval 9 days ago
That girl was ally and I think she died her hair
Aly González
Aly González 9 days ago
YOUR GIRL GOAT 9 days ago
Hey chat you're my favorite kicker when you fight the hackers
Jacob Simo
Jacob Simo 9 days ago
that sounds like alie
Raelyn Williams
Raelyn Williams 9 days ago
And why does a boy with a Mario hat sound like Mickey mouse
Raelyn Williams
Raelyn Williams 9 days ago
That girl's my friend Ali Daniels new girlfriend I'm also a girl
Jonathan Ostos
Jonathan Ostos 10 days ago
The lider is the stalker
Charlize Amante
Charlize Amante 10 days ago
The girl is alie!
Alexander Reza
Alexander Reza 10 days ago
The orange guy was melvins friend the leak!
SOHA ALMUTAIRI 10 days ago
That sounds like alie.
ZAINAB MOOLA 10 days ago
The guy with the black jacket is the chef
ZAINAB MOOLA 10 days ago
The girl is alie
Aisha AG
Aisha AG 10 days ago
Dont u think the mario guy is like...the paparatzi from the 2nd latest video from now...and the brown hair girl sounds like alie! And of course the orange dude is leak
Mia Williams
Mia Williams 10 days ago
You know that girl in the fight club like now with alie that girl sounds like alie!!!
slurz 10 days ago
That dog was cute and that muscle guy is Mickey Mouse
Jaxon Dennis
Jaxon Dennis 10 days ago
He missed
Zak Lundy
Zak Lundy 10 days ago
and subscribe to all the spy ninjas love you guys
Zak Lundy
Zak Lundy 10 days ago
it was funny when melvin was fighting the girl from fight club and then when she was deafeted melvin said im in love and i thought he only had a crush on perlita
Fortnite Ra
Fortnite Ra 5 days ago
It’s so funny when chad said girls have habits of kicking your but
J&C’s Diary
J&C’s Diary 10 days ago
The girl is alie
Luna Mateo Family
Luna Mateo Family 10 days ago
Blythe Venable
Blythe Venable 10 days ago
Chad they work with the stalker
Blythe Venable
Blythe Venable 10 days ago
The fight club girl is Ali
Blythe Venable
Blythe Venable 10 days ago
My favorite spy ninja is Regina
Blythe Venable
Blythe Venable 10 days ago
I love. You
SAM Tsegai
SAM Tsegai 10 days ago
shekhar chidamber
shekhar chidamber 10 days ago
the girl sounds like alie
Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming 10 days ago
the fight lub is not on youtubeeeeeee so i think that is sus bro
Rebecca Mitchell
Rebecca Mitchell 10 days ago
Chad how do u call u guys
gogo gaga
gogo gaga 10 days ago
allisonxii 10 days ago
Stella Playz
Stella Playz 10 days ago
the girl in the fight club is alie bc she soudnds like alie
Dakota Cunningham
Dakota Cunningham 10 days ago
The jacket girl is alie and the orange guy is the leak
Ewelina Górna
Ewelina Górna 11 days ago
I think that girl is the stalker
Roblox Boy
Roblox Boy 11 days ago
12:28 oh no oh no oh no no no no no
vasile grecica
vasile grecica 11 days ago
hoses ratis is the stakker
vasile grecica
vasile grecica 11 days ago
the dobil gager is the stakker
vasile grecica
vasile grecica 11 days ago
the cheef is the the stakker
vasile grecica
vasile grecica 11 days ago
the leak is the stakker